Valentina Salsa Chili Powder - 3 Pack

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    • DELICIOUS TASTE: Our Salsa salt, lemon, and chili powder will send your best taste. Pour it over fruit, like watermelon, apple orange, and More. When you taste this chili powder, you'll experience an exquisite flavor. This powder will make your foods taste delectably sour. It's an intriguing and captivating taste. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
    • QUALITY MATERIAL: The high quantity pack of Valentina salsa chili powder makes a great choice of fruit and goes great with many other snacks and dishes as well. The tight-fitting seal keeps your powder from leaking out.
    • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Salsa salt, lemon, and chili powder contains no preservatives and are gluten-free energize your recipes - tasting is believing, The exquisite flavor will elevate your fruit's taste to use get a better taste with others.
    • GREAT TASTE: The flavor is tangy, spicy, and slightly vinegary type. Valentina is really good to try this powder on all your favorite Fruit, Chips Great With Snacks, and Many Other Dishes.

    Customer Reviews

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    Valentina Fruit Seasoning Chili Powder

    Love this stuff!!! My wife bought some about a year ago and we were never able to find it again locally. .com to the rescue. Try a dash of this in your next salad or shake some on a pizza. Great stuff. Order some and you will like it.

    Judy Selz
    Valentina salsa Chili powder

    Enjoy it very much gives all my dishes a very good flavor. Highly recommend