Salsa Lizano Premium pack -700ml (3-pack)

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  • Pack of three, 23.4-oz per bottle (total of 70.2 ounces)
  • Tangy and delicious
  • Used in a variety of Costa Rican food including the most popular Tico dish, Gallo Pinto

Customer Reviews

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Great Salsa

I fell in love with Lizano on a trip to Costa Rica. I eat it on vegetables, meat (paritularly roast pork), beans and rice and omelettes.

Costa Rican flavor at home

I was so excited to see that I could purchase some Salsa Lizano! Ever since my trip to Costa Rica 10 years ago, I've been longing to taste the flavor of some authentic Tico food! Salsa Lizano has brought that flavor home to the States for me!

finally available in the US!!

I was lamenting the low level of my bottle of Salsa Lizano this morning so decided to 'google' it, and to my suprise it was available on :) I use it on eggs, rice and beans w/kale, and so much more. Visited Costa Rica 3 times and always stocked up. Now I will have an extra bottle to share with my daughter and one to spare.Salsa Lizano is a tad salty and a little goes a long way. I used to use worchester sauce on eggs but this is so much more flavorful. I had previously thought there was a fruit base to the salsa, but after reading the ingredients, realize that I was misinformed.

Terry Peterson
Five Stars

Next best thing to being in Costa Rica!

Diane P.
Unique and delicious flavor

There is nothing not to like about this product. Try it on eggs, avocados, in a tomato based salsa (maybe not on ice cream or strawberries but everywhere else). EVERYONE who tries my salsa with this as a key ingredient absolutely loves it. It is a bit thin but it is the flavor I am after. It's just great!!!! Try diced tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions, a little apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt & hot peppers to taste with a generous amount of this Salsa Lizano. You will not be disappointed.