Mexican Spiced Ground Chocolate - 3lbs

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  • MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE MIX: Laced with authentic, fragrant spices such as cocoa liquor, real vanilla, almond & cinnamon, MOCAFE Azteca D'oro 1519 Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate makes delicious, coffee house quality hot or iced hot chocolates & mochas.
  • INSTANT MOCHAS & HOT CHOCOLATE: Enjoy mocha frappes & hot chocolate with a ground cocoa mix used in coffee shops & instantly elevate your day, no barista training needed. MOCAFE uses the best quality coffee bases & flavors for truly delicious drinks.
  • COFFEE BAR QUALITY DRINK MIX: Instantly mix your favorite drink with a MOCAFE frappe or smoothie mix, and enjoy the taste of you a quality coffee shop frozen drink. Enjoy your choice of a smoothie or frappe without leaving the house, from lattes to chai.
  • BREWED PERFECTION: The best-tasting mochas & chai tea, & lattes start with the best ingredients. MOCAFE uses the purest cocoas, coffee, & estate-grown teas to craft the most delicious, high-quality mochas, frappes, ice coffees, smoothies, & Chai teas.
  • USED BY COFFEE PROFESSIONALS: MOCAFE is used in coffee shops across the country. Try MOCAFE if you've enjoyed drinks from Nescafe, Tasters Choice, Oregon Chai, Mudpie, Big Train, Maxwell House International, Mount Hagen, Smart Coffee, Douwe Eggbert Coffee


Customer Reviews

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L. Burdine
So long Starbucks!

I loved Starbucks Caramel frappecinos, but the hassle of going to Starbucks, the cost, and having to ask for extra caramel flavoring (coffee taste too strong otherwise)was worth it when that was all I knew about frappecinos at the time.This stuff is wonderful! The measurement instructions took some figuring out. 8 tablespoons of mix = 1/2 cup and my first one was WAY TOO SWEET. I adjusted it to 1/3 cup and it's just the way I like it. If (like me) you use an immersion blender, don't put all the ice in at once. I feed about 3 or 4 cubes at a time until the consistency is right.I will definelity put this on subscription plan, along with the chocolate mint and toffee mixes (if you like those flavors, try the Mocafe ones...super)!

Ava A
delicious definitely need to try the rest.

really good mix and it’s versatile. i’ve used it with ice cream, iced coffee, milk & ice, and everything else lol. and it’s good every way

So yummy, finally iced chai lattes at home!

Chai lattes are my favorite drinks to order at coffee shops, especially iced ones. I ran into this brand through a friend, and I was so impressed with the flavor & quality, I decided to research it. I originally had the mocha frappe mix. While researching, I saw the chai mix & said... I've got to try it. Despite the directions to make it, I tossed two scoops of mix, a cup of water/milk, and a tray of ice cubes into my blender & hit frappe. Yum yum yum. My 3 lb bag is already gone (after a little less than a month), & I'm left wanting more. I highly recommend!

M. A. Wind
I recommend it to everyone, BUT

This is such a treat. I recommend it to everyone!!! Vendor is wonderful and so punctual.However, the last times that I purchased this item, the package was open and therefore all over the box and the other 2 packages in the order. Today is August 1, 2016 and I writing to revise my review. Today is 3 that I purchased this Chai. I love it. BUT, again one bag was open and all over the box and the other bags. Maybe we need to change the packaging to protect the bags in the box.

Inquisitive til the end
Great flavor!

I enjoy this in my coffee every day!! Great flavor!!