Green Habanero Hot Sauce - 5 oz

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    • GREEN HABANERO: Made with ripe Green Habanero Chili, its spicy flavor explodes on your palate and elevates the flavors of your dishes.
    • HEAT LEVEL: Enjoy a careful selection of prime chilies with Mexican food, seafood, and pasta.
    • GREAT MARINADE: Our real Green Habanero is made to accompany a variety of dishes. A must-have for your dining table.
    • TRADITIONAL: Mexican peppers mixed the way Mexicans have done it for generations. Blends perfectly with tacos, burritos, eggs, chili, or chips.
    • GREAT FLAVOR: A perfectly balanced blend of ripe Habanero peppers and Mexican spices. Our Green Habanero sauce is Sugar-free, which will enhance the profile of your dishes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Charles of the North
    Packed with Flavor

    Lindo has become my favorite brand of Habanero sauce because it does not subordinate flavor to heat. So, it brings brightness and heat without heaviness.

    The Lawn Ranger
    ¡A mi me gusta!

    The price is reasonable for a case of 12. The taste and flavor is good. The heat is fine, without being overpowering - if you like a sauce like El Yucateco red habanero sauce, you'll probably like this, too. It may be too hot for the "novice", but it's fine for hot sauce aficionados.I would buy this again. And I probably will when these run out!

    caleb findley
    Worth Every Cent

    I’m a big hot sauce person, and I ran across this set on . I was intrigued by the old school bottles and variety of flavors. I was not disappointed! The red and green habanero sauces are amazing; spicy with lots of flavor. The 7 mares and picante negro are also very good. I will buy these again.

    J. Killingbeck
    Fantastic Taste

    Best tasting habanero sauce I've ever had. Got some from a friend that got his in Mexico. Spicy is always different for different people, but for me this is the perfect level. It's not so spicy it makes my mouth numb, but you definitely feel the heat. This stuff would be way too hot for someone that has no tolerance, but is not close to the level of a ghost pepper. More like a jalapeno on steroids. Honestly I don't use it for the spicy-ness. The taste is just fantastic.

    This is my favorite hot sauce!

    I have been using this sauce for years. It adds a good amount of spice without adding a strong vinegar. Water based and has a sweet flavor with a good kick. Usually I can't find this in stores near where I live and this isn't to high of a price mark for me. If you haven't had this. I would recommend it if you like spicy flavor and would like to add a kick to your meals.