La Serenisima Dulce de Leche - 1 kilo

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  • Imported Dulce de Leche from Argentina.
  • It is the ideal accompaniment to toast, pancakes, scones, croissants, muffins, ice cream, and any type of dessert.

Customer Reviews

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I'm In Love

Oh my! Words cannot describe what I feel when this dulce de leche is in my mouth. Delicious and heavenly are understatements. It tastes good on everything...bananas, pies, ice cream etc. It has a thick creamy texture and medium brown color. If you're a dulce de leche fan, DO NOT skip this one! A must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth and anyone who doesn't feel guilty gaining some pounds.

Definitely the best dulce de leche out there

It is hands down the best dulce de leche you can find out there. Perfectly balanced flavor and texture. It is pricey though, but still a good choice if you want to go for the best (which I would recommend - a treat after all is a treat).

Brian Seewaldt Rigoni

Love it

Artem Gurevich
Simply the best!

I've learnt about this brand when I lived in Buenos Aires for some time, and it was always my fav and go-to! This is awesome it's available in the US now as well. It has the best dulce de leche taste in the world, for real! So happy.

Customer elba
I just love this delicacy!

I love the taste of "La Serenisima Milk Caramel". It has a rich flavor and it can be used in so many ways, such as a serving of "Dulce de Leche" with banana slices; or a teaspoon-full on ice cream; or as icing on fresh baked cookies with shredded coconut on top; or as a spread on cake layers; or as icing on cakes; or as a spread on a toast, etc., etc.. I have tried many brands of this delicious caramel, but none taste as good as La Serenisima's. The worst one I tasted is the Mexican one. No brand names in mentioning the latter.