Inca's Food Maiz Cancha Chulpe - 2 Pack

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    • Inca's Food Maiz Cancha Chulpe para Tostar
    • Dried Corn Chulpe For Roasting
    • Product of Peru
    • Two 15oz bags



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Richard F. Daley

    Bought some of this after returning from a trip to South America. What we ate there was wonderful, but this tastes fresher than anything we ate there.

    Delicious Peruvian jumping corn - woohoo!

    I enjoyed some of this corn at a local Peruvian restaurant so I decided to try making them myself at home. This was my first time purchasing and the quality of the corn seemed fine - no complaints. Tasted great! This was also my first time toasting them and it was quite the funny experience because I didn't realize they'd pop so much. Suddenly there was corn flying fast and furious out the hot pan as I kept stirring to keep the kernels from burning. Luckily I had a protective screen nearby to protect me from the airborne kernels. When toasting these wonderful corn kernels, I suggest having a screen nearby or a camera to record an unsuspecting toaster. LOL!

    Norma Aumack
    i am so happy i found it!

    I am from Peru and cancha is a staple on our tables. I was craving some but because of the current pandemic no relatives are coming from Peru so I checked and found it here. Pretty delicious.

    This is almost as good as toasted corn experienced in Peru

    This is almost as good as toasted corn experienced in Peru. The difference is probably the atmosphere of familiar home vs exotic Peru

    Joy M.

    Going to be reordering this or sure! So good and easy to make.