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    • NATURAL FLAVOR: With a 100% natural flavor, Guarana Antartica is an invitation to taste the richness and exuberance of the rainforest
    • REAL SUGAR: 100% sweetened with sugar cane. Not corn syrup. This provides a natural and smoother taste
    • VERSATILE: Guarana Antartica's smooth taste is a gateway to a variety of uses. Enjoy it with any type of food, with ice, with a splash of orange, or even on cocktails

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Paul Hart
    A most enjoyable soft drink

    I started to drink Quarana Antarctica during my first trip to the Rain Forest. I liked the taste but had trouble finding fit in a local store. When I saw it on I ordered the diet variety. The taste is as I remember - for me most enjoyable. I have now put my order on automatic renewal. If you have never tried this drink- do yourself a favor and try it.

    Nancy A

    Really is the drink of Brazil. This is the authentic flavor. Other brands available at markets are "Americanized" , and just don't do it. Thanks for the original recipe. Pricing through is half what I am used to paying. A small but nice relaxing escape.

    Jeremiah Thompson
    After living in Brazil for the better part of ten years this brand of soft drink ...

    After living in Brazil for the better part of ten years this brand of soft drink is easily my favorite. It's far healthier and also much better tasting than Coke or other American brand soft drinks.

    Mercado Santos
    Bought both, they BOTH taste GREAT

    Both the regular and diet are good and have a clean taste. Best comparison would be to a fruit flavored ginger ale. The diet does not have the exact same taste as the non-diet one, but I can happily say that it is just as good.

    Nice refreshing soda (caffinated I think) from rain forest berries

    It is a mild flavored drink very popular in BR from berries found in the rain forest. made with sugar not from HF Corn Syrup so if you want justification for the slightly higher price - it is better for you, rather than better to line the pockets of big business. It is more interesting than cream soda, and more subtle in flavor. It is great value because a flight to BR is significantly more money and time, just get it delivered!