Guajillo Chile Pods - 4 oz

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    • Burma Spice gourmet guajillo chile pods start their little pepper lives as mirasol chiles. These premium Mexican peppers are harvested by expert growers in Mexico, and then dried and sent directly to us, 100% pure, fresh, and full of red chile flavor.
    • Guajillo is perfect for your authentic homemade Mexican sauces and marinades. Make a delicious mole paste to use as a base for soups, or create a full-bodied sauce for pouring over enchiladas, rice, and beans, grilled chicken, or roasted vegetables.
    • Our dried chili peppers are ideal for the whole family, with their mild heat and fruity, smoky flavor. Create chili paste and use it for authentic Menudo soup, or add the smoky paste to bean dip. Cut up rehydrated bits and make a tasty guajillo omelet.
    • We package our freshly dried peppers soon after they've been harvested and shipped to us. We hand select each chile pod that goes into your batch, so your chiles are fresh and full of the rich flavor you expect for your authentic Mexican cooking.


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