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  • Goya's Mango Jam is a tasty and healthy fruit spread your whole family will enjoy. Use Goya Mango Jam on a variety of foods and desserts, whether you spread it on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pancakes, on toasted bread or desserts like ice cream and cookies. Enjoy Goya's delicious Mango Jam, because if it's Goya it has to be good.
  • 55 calories per serving (21g)
  • Ingredients: mango puree, sweeteners: (corn syrup, fructose, sugar), pectin, citric acid, (preservative: potassium sorbate).

Customer Reviews

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Divine Pleasure

Goya Mango Jam, 17-Ounce Jars (Pack of 3) I love this product! I was very upset when my local grocery store discontinued it, so when I found it on , I was so excited that I couldn't order it fast enough! I love mangoes, and this is excellent on toast, sandwich with peanut butter, even 'drizzled' over waffles. I will be ordering more soon.

Martin J. James
the old tv ad said it best and still does

the old tv ad said it best and still does... MMMM GOYA, OH BOYA!!!!!!!!!the goya brand is so under rated.

Pleasantly Satisfied
So far everything I’ve tried from Gloria is very fresh even from the can

This is the best Jam I’ve ever eaten

bryan kendall

I have lived in Latin America, as well as here in the US. So I have enjoyed the real thing and this is it. It is delicious and tastes and smells of fresh, sunripe mangoes.Slathered over some fresh baked bread with a bit of creamy butter is heavenly! Have it with a cup of coffee in the morning.Swirled in some plain or vanilla yogurt is ravishingly sumptuous.Topped over vanilla ice cream is wonderous.Buy it, you'll love it.

Mm-mmm! Mango-ey.

This is the best of the Goya jams for my money. Not cloyingly sweet, but sweet. Not overwhelmingly aromatic, but undeniably mango. A judicious dab on toast gives a happy start to the day without kicking the calorie count. Clever wife makes a tangy-sweet salad dressing with lemon juice, mango jam and some other magical incantations or stuff. Nice going Goya.