Organic Honduran Coffee - Medium Roast - 32oz

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    • USDA Organic
    • Coffee is roasted in our environmentally friendly coffee roaster.
    • Bold Body, Medium Roast

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    morning coffee redefined = delicious!!

    Brings a new meaning to morning perk!! Living in NYC we have access to fantastic coffee houses, alas, it get expensive buying 5 cups per diem.This coffee is delicious not acidic.

    Import Exec
    Clearly the Best We've Bought in 13 Years of Trying Different Suppliers. The Guatemalan Wife is V...

    On Our Second 5 LB of this Stuff. Wow!! My Wife is from Guatemala and She's now Truly Happy, thanks to This Coffee. We Can't Believe How Much Better this is Than the Other Guatemalan from an AM Coffee Place online, which we were Pretty Happy with. So, we were amazed that this one was not only Stronger, but actually had a broader and Smoother Flavor, as Well. On top of all of that, it is 20% Cheaper and Stays Stable, in flavor, for a longer Period of Time. The Roasting was consistent between Both Bags and Not Over or Under Roasted. A Good Amount of that Golden Yellow Oil floating on Top when Finished Brewing. Fresh Aroma also. I Pray it Stays the Same!!

    Joseph Dewey
    Excellent, fresh coffee

    This coffee is absolutely delicious. It's so tasty! Enough people order this, so they have awesome turnaround. Mine was roasted only a few weeks before it shipped to me, so it was the perfect timing. Coffee needs to sit for a few weeks to have the best flavor, and you should ignore the people who say that it only needs to sit for a few days, because it doesn't taste all that great until it's seasoned.I always enjoy Guatemalan coffee. I've had about five different kinds now, and I think that this one is my favorite. It's not too strong, but has nice, delicious flavors. I have a conical burr grinder and and Aeropress, and this coffee makes the perfect cup of coffee. I also ordered the 5 pound package. It doesn't reseal, so I put this into three smaller Ziploc bags to keep them fresh. I've ordered from this company before, and this should last me about three months.

    Larry R. Shaffer
    Great coffee!

    I stick with coffee from Guatemala consistently. This time I purchased from a seller new to me. The coffee is EXCELLENT! Whole bean, great aroma, nice body, and great taste. I am getting lots of compliments from friends and family.LRS

    Julie J

    This is my favorite coffee I have tried so far. I was buying the dark Italian expresso roast from direct buy which was very good and a good deal but now I have found this coffee. Its dark, rich and smooth not bitter. Its also a good buy $$$ wise. I had ordered the 2lb bag last time to try it next order and here on after it will be the 5lb bag and we will stay stocked up on this. I can't say enough good things about this. If you want a dark roast that is really good tasting you have got to try this coffee. Its got my vote 100% of the way.