7.5" Cast Iron Tortilla Press and Pataconera

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  • Heavy-duty cast iron for easy and even pressing, Improved base & handle for resistance
  • The 7.5 inch is the traditional size press for authentic Mexican corn tortillas.
  • This quality heavy-duty cast iron tortilla press or tortilladora is perfect for making your favorite corn or flour tortillas, patacones, tostones, empanadas, arepas, and more
  • It is heavy and sturdy allowing for easy handling when pressing.
  • The long pressing handle is reinforced at the base. MADE IN MEXICO


Customer Reviews

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Good press built in Mexico

I'm not sure how people break the handle off these things after reading reviews.I ordered some legit nixtamal masa made from heirloom corn (not the masa harina junk in the store) and made my own tortillas for the first time. I'm a gringo but grew up and currently live in Southern California so I know a thing or two about Mexican food- I'm also an avid cook.Tortilla making takes a little practice.The masa needs to be wet but not sticking to your fingers. If it's too wet, mix in a little more masa (I use a stand mixer). If it's too dry, add a little more water. Tortillas need moisture to "puff" when frying. No puff, not enough moisture.Take a gallon size ziplock freezer bag and cut it into two squares. Put one down on the bottom of the press and put another on top of the dough before you close it.Roll the dough into a golf sized ball. Once you put the dough ball on top of the first plastic sheet, put the other one on top and squish it a bit. Gently close the top of the press and just using your hands, press it down. Using the handle to give it a little final press but fairly gently.Open 180 degrees, press lightly, flip, press, rotate, press.It takes a little practice but believe me, you can make tortillas as thin as you want with this press. If the tortilla is sticking to the press it might be too wet, or you pressed too hard, or its just TOO thin. Again, it takes a little experimentation. Check out some youtube videos.Solid press- if your tortillas don't turn out the way you want, it's because of your skills. This press is awesome.



G. Price

Exactly what I was looking for. Well-made. Great for the price.

Excellent Quality

This is the real deal, great quality, well made, made in Mexico, traditional tortilladora. I bought a Smart Cook brand (made in China) and wound up just throwing it in the trash, where it belongs. The Estrella allows you to make tortillas as thin or as thick as you like. Traditional silver paint for Mexican tortilladoras. I took a tip from a video and use round cutouts from a large plastic ziplock freezer bag to place the dough between when pressing. Use the press plate and knife on a cutting board for cutting plastic rounds. Works great! For the pinch of salt needed in the dough I use Johnny's Seasoned Salt and just a bit of black pepper for a nice flavor. I wind up eating fresh tortillas while I'm still making them. I simply store them in a ziplock bag in the fridge and nuke them for 30 sec to have a moist warm tortilla any time. Forget the local taqueria. Make up some filling, chop up some onion and cilantro to keep in the fridge and I get excellent traditional beef and fish tacos in minutes.

I love this

My old press broke and I've missed it. Rolling tortillas is a real chore. This press is heavy enough and easy to use. You have to use plastic or parchment paper, but I reuse the same pieces over and over. I use a large zip lock baggie that I cut the top off and down the 2 sides. That's working very well. This aslo makes quick work of rolling flat bread and pita bread.