Dried Mexican Oregano Whole Leaves - 3 oz

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  • AN ESSENTIAL HERB FOR MEXICAN CUISINE - Our dried Mexican oregano captures authentic Mexican flavor in guacamole, taco seasoning, salsa, enchilada sauce, empanadas, and many more
  • PACKED WITH ROBUST, AROMATIC FLAVOR - Mexican oregano differs from Italian oregano by having a richer aroma with citrusy undertones that add unique components to your dinner, lunch, or snacks
  • VERSATILE USES IN THE KITCHEN - Add Mexican oregano to your blends of herbs and spices, bringing new components to your fish, chicken, pork roast, or any other dish that needs an aromatic lift
  • FLAVOR FOR EVERYONE - Ideal for use in commercial restaurant kitchens, or at home for your personal culinary endeavors
  • LONG-LASTING AND RESEALABLE - This 3oz shaker is resealable and durable, being able to spend a great deal of time in your kitchen while still maintaining a fresh, aromatic flavor

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great flavor

I used this when I made fajitas and it was a good addition to the spices I normally used. I bought Mexican oregano after watching Sam the Cooking Guy on Youtube and was not disappointed.

Michael Johnson
Very fresh, killer aroma

The aroma and flavor of this mexican oregano is outstanding. I love it! It smells somewhat similar to Greek oregano but with citrus notes. My only problem is the fool who ordered it (me) didn't realize 3 ounces is a restaurant-sized quantity of this spice... going to be making a lot of authentic Mexican to use this up.

More flavorful than regular

The flavor is really intense. Found out about this from a Mexican cookbook. It suggested grinding the leaves and seeds between your fingers before using and makes a huge difference in the aroma and flavor. Use it in all our cooking now .

A. Gage
Good price, very fresh

Good price, very fresh, I have never had Mexican oregano before and didn't know the flower heads were in it as well as the leaves... surprised at how much more pungent this makes it! Use sparingly if you are replacing common oregano (which is leaves only).

Wednesday H. Gutierrez
Frangrant, and huge quanity

Container is huge. Glad I found this because the Mexican oregano I find in my grocery store comes in a plastic bag that doesn't reseal and this is much easier to store. Very fragrant.