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  • Champurrado Mexican Hot Chocolate (Mexican Atole)
  • Also known as "Mexican Atole", Champurrado is a hot chocolate beverage that combines other ingredients and spices. Thick and frothy, its best served and prepared just like Mexican hot chocolate
  • Our Champurrado mix is made in-house in small batches using simple, all-natural ingredients
  • Whisk vigorously while heating milk (or a dairy free alternative) in a saucepan
  • Can also be served cold as an ice-blended beverage. Add a shot of espresso for La Monarca Bakery's Champurrado Latte


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shannon Sigala

The rich cinnamon flavor was incredible!!! It was a little clumpy but that didn’t deter me from giving it a 5 star review. Delicious. I used it for hot cocoa bombs.

Teodoro Martinez
Not close to my known flavor of Champurrado

This champurrado mixture is not my preferred. That doesn't mean that it's bad. Three that tasted it were not happy. I not trying to downgrade the product. I consider it more of a Tea. I tried it with water, i will tried it with milk.

Doc Sue
This is champurrado, not hot chocolate!

If you’re looking for hot chocolate, keep looking! This is different, made with wheat as a thickening agent, sugar, cacao, cinnamon and stabilizers. It is less sweet and less chocolaty than hot chocolate, as well as thicker. It’s nice for a change of pace from the intense sweetness of hot chocolate.

Elly C
Like nothing else out there:

Overall, great. It’s amazing how this is the only thing of its kind out there. I’ll be buying more and telling my friends.


Nice thick chocolate, just delicious.