Banderilla Tama-Roca Tamarindo Mexican Candy Sticks - 30 Count

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    • Natural Tamarind Fruit Candy With Salt & Chili
    • Enjoy this natural tamarind fruit treat from Me

    Customer Reviews

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    Elsa Marina
    Yummiest Tamarindo, fast shipping too.

    I can't live with out these tamarindo sticks... its hard to find candy in my town and I was so excited to see you giys had this on . I have to put in my next order within the next few days because these are running out!!! Lol!

    fun treat!

    I cant get enough Tamarind!! These are so fun. Nicely spiced, not too sweet. You get a ton of them for the value too. Make a mango slushy with some chamoy and pop one in. Yum!

    Staci Rene

    Arrived well packaged, fresh and taste is so good. First time buying this brand, but like it the best, there is 30 of them in the jar and they are individually wrapped so that way they are fresher The Taste is a real Tamarindo a really great flavor I really enjoyed them and we'll be back for more but the price has gone up almost double since I bought them. So I will not be buying more until the price goes down significantly.

    Great price

    I bought them for my dad as a gift because he loves these. He was so excited. Great price and it wasn't stale either. Came right on time, I thought it was going to be late but it came a little early.

    Victoria L Higginson
    Excellent accent to your margaritas!

    Fresh, soft and delicious!