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    • ENDLESS USES: Dulce De Leche Alpina is a traditional Latin American spread made from milk and sugar, usually used to prepare amazing desserts. Its soft and creamy consistency makes it a great milk caramel topping for your apples and fruits.
    • PAIR IT WITH YOUR FAV FOOD: Our milk caramel dip has a spreadable and spoonable consistency to mix with other foods, like Pancakes, Pretzels, Toasts, Brownies, or even as Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Topping!
    • TRADITIONALLY MADE: We remember our mom spreading Dulce de Leche Alpina on everything, making obleas, alfajores or using it as Milk Caramel Dip for Apples, lovely memories!
    • WORLDWIDE KNOW: Also known as manjar blanco, legao de leche, dolce de leche sauce, doce de leite, dulce quemado, cajeta mexicana, or dulce de leche repostero. Arequipe Alpina will deilver you the best indulgent experience possible.

    Customer Reviews

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    D C Mares
    Absolutely delicious!

    If you love caramel, or dulce de leche, you'll love arequipe! YUM!

    Good as always


    Amanda Socci
    Delicious Colombian Treat!

    Arequipe is a gooey caramel spread that has a different consistency than peanut butter. The taste is sugary, sweet, and delicious. I purchased the tiny little containers of arequipe because the size makes it more convenient to use. If you buy larger containers, you run the risk of having the product dry out and get hard. This way, you use what you need and it retains its fresh spreadable consistency.I'm sure you could use this spread on a variety of foods, but I love arequipe to add to obleas, which are very large, thin wafers. I grew up having my Colombian grandmother and my mother prepare handfuls of these for us. You add a thick, generous layer of arequipe to one oblea and then add a plain wafer on top. The result is a tasty oblea sandwich!

    Lina Nemeth
    Great price

    I love it!!

    Fresh and Delicious

    Always arrives on time and well packaged and this product is always on stock. I had to wait longer with other vendors. Arequipe was fresh and delicious. It鈥檚 gone so fast that I had to reorder again so many times. I recommend this product and the vendor.