About Us

We are a group of enthusiastic and empathic latinos, who know a thing or two about having to move away from home, to pursue growth and progress. But regardless of where we are, we always carry our childhood memories and everything from our countries that define our identities deep within our hearts.

We have embraced a new culture, a new language and taken a liking to our new surroundings, an important part of our new home. But as good latinos that we are, life revolves and is always celebrated around the table, where we create stories and moments. 


We celebrate the important festivities every year and savor our dishes at every opportunity. It is our way of being far, but staying close. A way to preserve our legacy for our children and the new generations: the Latin DNA that unites us and differentiates us.

Now, we want to celebrate with you the beginning of Houm - Como en Casa. We trust every search to be fruitful, friendly and familiar.

This is a small start, but we assure you this will grow as we keep growing our community. We will add your voices and testimonials to make Houm, a great space to keep that closeness to home and to our origins, just one click away.

Our Mission

To provide each Latino in America - the products they need to keep the customs and traditions of their home country alive and always gracing their tables - in a friendly, familiar and secure way. 

Our Vision

To be the preferred marketplace, appreciated by Latinos and other lovers of Hispanic gastronomy, so that in houm, they always feel como en casa.