Sweetened Banana Chips - 4lbs

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  • Our delicious sweetened banana chips are the perfect anytime snack. When you're not around fresh bananas, just pop a few of these tasty banana chips and you can fulfill your banana fix.

  • Nutrition Tips: A nutrient-dense food that's ideal for any diet or weight-loss program. Bananas are an excellent source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C & B6.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Very happy with this product.

I just got my order. I love these things. I was a bit nervous ordering five pounds of something like this over the internet, but I couldn't be happier. They came in two separate 2-1/2 pound bags. They taste great. And they were delivered fairly quickly.

Good taste and texture, and great bang for the buck!

While trying to visualize what 4lbs of Banana chips may look like, it seemed to me like the bag would not be much bigger than a popcorn bag, and man was I wrong! You certainly get what you pay for when ordering these! The texture is great- not too hard but not too soft either, and they taste great! My SO and I have been taking them to work for snacks for some time now and we still have about half the bag left. Good buy for sure!

Great Taste

The dried banana chips have a great taste, a great healthy quick snack for my daughter. We needed something to snack on between classes this semester. This product is an easy snack to place in a small zip lock bag and carry around in your backpack. She found it is easy to sneak a few banana chips during her lectures. Thank you for the "Great Tasting Banana Chips".

Rhonda Vigus
The best banana chips I've ever eaten!

I love these banana chips. They are nice and big and no little broken chips in the huge bag. And I mean huge! I eat them every day as a source of potassium and to quench my sweet tooth. I fill a small bowl and throw in a few toasted almonds and that is the most healthy snack ever! Sure does beat that chips and dips!!! And filling a zip lock bag with the mix for on-the-road snacking is perfect!!

Best value and delicious banana chips

I was reluctant to buy these after reading some reviews about them being too hard, but I don’t think they’re too hard at all. A great flavor as well, and they’re packed to the top! I will be buying these again.