Iberia Panela Fraccionada - 32 oz

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  • Panela is raw, unrefined cane sugar from Colombia With a lightly sweet molasses taste and warm, caramel undertones. It's a unique ingredient that's flavorful and aromatic.
  • Panela can be used as a 1:1 replacement for almost any sugar. Use it in coffee, cocktails, baking, cooking, and anywhere else you would normally use brown or white sugar.
  • Panela has been traditionally handmade for centuries by dehydrating raw sugarcane juice over low heat until it's a thick syrup, then cooling the syrup into bricks. The low heat fires are fueled by sugarcane stalks that are dried in the sun after harvesting and pressing, making it a very sustainable process.
  • Panela has naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, as well amino acids and antioxidants.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jesse R
Great Flavor!

Love to add to everything for its nutrition punch and great flavor. A great substituted for sugar. I grate and storage at cool temperatures.

Melanie Jane Marshall
which was perfect. I threw some chunks in my blender

This is the most delicious brown sugar I've ever eaten.It arrived broken up in it's package, which was perfect. I threw some chunks in my blender, and used the resulting sugar to make the most delicious cinnamon buns I've had in my life. I will be buying this from now on.

Cesar Augusto Quiroz Zora
Reminds me Colombia

this just brought back the flavors of my country, me and my family love having a sip every morning, is just the perfect beverage to start a day!


Delicious I can't wait to order more

Scott Snyder
Believe the Hype.... Fantastic

Wow this is amazing. I consider myself a fairly excellent cook and mixologist. So do my friends and family. I had never heard of this type of product until I read an article recently about its history. I ordered some and immediately shaved off just a tiny bit to put into my espresso. Next level awesome. The flavor and depth of taste is unrivaled in the sugar category. I plan on making cocktail syrup out of this and certainly using in coffee and tea as well as making non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks come alive with this. This was a good price for quite a bit of product and it arrived much faster than I thought it would. I will not hesitate to order again but a little goes a long way. Bravo. Five stars and two thumbs sticking straight up.